Problem to be solved: Crop Storage and Protection

Economic Solidary Enterprise (EES) in Brazil are informal and therefore cannot sell to big markets; only 17% sell their products on shop. Lack of production chain and network. Asta Network aims
to creating a direct sales network formed by self-employed professionals increasing the demand
for the products, consequently of the production, generating a steady income to all involved.


As soon as Asta gets to it´s breakeven point, it´ll become a social tecnology and will be able to be
scaled and implemented anywhere there are small producers aiming to climb theirselves out of
poverty. Asta offers verymarket and a huge network. It result is income generation, social and
economic inclusion, emancipation and entreprenourship fostering, society mobilization and
conscient consumption.

Designer: Alice Freitas
URL: Redeasta
Country: Brazil
Year: —

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Moneymaker Block Press

Problem to be solved: Block Making a Business

Farmers are used to putting their money in the ground for short periods while they wait for the
harvest. A payback period of one to two years will be unacceptable to them and so it is unacceptable
to KickStart. This Block press is a business model created by farmers’ needs.


The press makes strong and durable building blocks from soil mixed with a small percentage of
cement, compressed at high pressure and cured for ten days. Five to eight workers can produce
400 to 800 blocks a day using the press.

Country: Africa
Year: —

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