World Design Impact Prize

World Impact Design Prize

The World Design Impact Prize is a biennial award created to celebrate, recognise, and encourage impact design projects from around the world. Established by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid), the Prize seeks to increase awareness of industrial design driven projects that are making a positive impact on our social, economic, cultural and/or environmental quality of life.

Orange Social Design Award

Orange Social Design Award

How can we best shape the public space in which we live together? How can we improve the quality of life in our cities? To find the answers to these questions, Kultur SPIEGEL and SPIEGEL ONLINE launched the Orange Social Design Award.

Green Product Award

Green Product Award

The award recognizes sustainable products and services that stand out in the areas of design, innovation and sustainability.

We aim to motivate designers to pay greater heed to themes of sustainability when developing products in the future as well as harnessing innovative design impulses to encourage manufacturers to make use of new, sustainable materials and approaches.

The Green Product Award platform marks the initiation of a comprehensive, ‘green’ knowledge exchange. For the first time a network of designers, manufacturers and research scientists will facilitate the presentation, development and dissemination of tomorrow’s products.

Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award

Victor Papanek Award

The competition solicited entries from established, emerging, and student designers of projects that upheld Papanek’s vision of environmental and/or social responsibility. Submissions were solicited in two categories: “Designed Objects” and “Social and/or Ecological Infrastructures and Design Concepts.”

Hans Sauer Award 2015

Hans Sauer Prize

the Hans Sauer Award 2015 (title: “Social Design. making the difference”)investigates the Social Design Elevation Days (an event in Munich in February 2015) and Social Design/Design for Social Innovation in general. It sums up competitions, events and initiatives of the Hans Sauer Foundation that foster Social Design as resource for change processes and will continue to do so.Three main aspects characterize Social Design (in the sense of the Hans Sauer Foundation): the topics and tasks, the actors involved and the methods and processes.


Index Design to Improve Life Awards

INDEX: Award is the biggest and probably most important design award in the world worth €500,000. The importance lies in the unique, overarching theme of Design to Improve Life. A concept enabling design to be used as a tool to address the world’s biggest challenges, and has established INDEX: Award as a global, inspirational design beacon.


C77DA Awards

Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards celebrates the richness of the design profession and the brilliance of its practitioners. We’re pleased to present 17 categories of entry in our fourth year, providing designers, researchers and writers a unique opportunity to communicate the intent, rigor and passion behind their efforts. From client work to self-initiated projects, entrepreneurial to pro-bono engagements, we embrace a diverse range of enterprise: commercial, cultural, social, environmental and edifying.

The RSA Student Design Awards

RSA Student Design Awards

The RSA Student Design Awards challenges emerging designers to tackle pressing social, environmental and economic issues through design thinking.