Moneymaker Block Press

Problem to be solved: Block Making a Business

Farmers are used to putting their money in the ground for short periods while they wait for the
harvest. A payback period of one to two years will be unacceptable to them and so it is unacceptable
to KickStart. This Block press is a business model created by farmers’ needs.


The press makes strong and durable building blocks from soil mixed with a small percentage of
cement, compressed at high pressure and cured for ten days. Five to eight workers can produce
400 to 800 blocks a day using the press.

Country: Africa
Year: —

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Cucula Workshop

Problem to be solved: Refugees’ Craft and Design

Along with politicians, artists and collaborators, CUCULA is engaging in practical solutions, to help
people holding refugee status to escape social isolation and the related stigma. A design manu-
facture for sustainable products is growing in a former factory along the Spree river in Berlin.
Refugees are here given the opportunity to learn and experiment collectively.


CUCULA gives people, for whom the doors of society are locked, access to education. CUCULA
establish a ‘welcoming culture’, which helps refugees to break with the notion of ‘victimhood’, and
at the same time unfold their self-efficacy and to open up a perspective for a self-determined life.

Designer: CUCULA
Country: Germany
Year: —

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Ikea Flatpack Shelter

Problem to be solved: Shelter for Refugees

Millions of refugees displaced by poverty, oppression, war and natural disaster. Most end up living
in canvas tents of a basic design that are hot in summer, cold in winter. On World Refugee Day
in June, the Ikea Foundation unveiled a new flat-pack refugee shelter with a modular design and
solar panel designed to help improve living conditions for refugees.


By unveiling a comfortable, solar-powered shelter can provide emergency housing for natural
disaster victims and refugees. they can be set up in a snap to provide immediate shelter for
those in need.

Designer: IKEA Foundation and UNCHR
URL: IKEA Foundation
Country: Africa
Year: 2013

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Problem to be solved: Storage to Protect Crops

According the United Nations, 45% of fruits and vegetables is spoiled before it reaches the market.
This means that almost half of the labour and investments are wasted as well! In other words it
is impossible to be productive without a decent storage to protect the crops.


Wakati One is an innovative technology that increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables for
smallholder farmers in developing countries. With a small solar panel of just 3 Watts, Wakati
creates a sterilized micro climate that dramatically increase the shelf life of these crops.

Designer: Ame Pauwels
URL: Wakati
Country: Africa
Year: 2013

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