Problem to be solved: Crop Storage and Protection

Economic Solidary Enterprise (EES) in Brazil are informal and therefore cannot sell to big markets; only 17% sell their products on shop. Lack of production chain and network. Asta Network aims
to creating a direct sales network formed by self-employed professionals increasing the demand
for the products, consequently of the production, generating a steady income to all involved.


As soon as Asta gets to it´s breakeven point, it´ll become a social tecnology and will be able to be
scaled and implemented anywhere there are small producers aiming to climb theirselves out of
poverty. Asta offers verymarket and a huge network. It result is income generation, social and
economic inclusion, emancipation and entreprenourship fostering, society mobilization and
conscient consumption.

Designer: Alice Freitas
URL: Redeasta
Country: Brazil
Year: —

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Problem to be solved: Storage to Protect Crops

According the United Nations, 45% of fruits and vegetables is spoiled before it reaches the market.
This means that almost half of the labour and investments are wasted as well! In other words it
is impossible to be productive without a decent storage to protect the crops.


Wakati One is an innovative technology that increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables for
smallholder farmers in developing countries. With a small solar panel of just 3 Watts, Wakati
creates a sterilized micro climate that dramatically increase the shelf life of these crops.

Designer: Ame Pauwels
URL: Wakati
Country: Africa
Year: 2013

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