Social Impact Design: MAID 2015 CampusFest Exhibit

Aaron Roselo

Join us on 17.07.2015, from 9-11am, Building 4 at the Hochschule Anhalt CampusFest as we proudly present our Social Impact Design project.

Featuring projects by the Hochschule Anhalt MAID 2015 Summer Semester students: Macarena Alamos, Omer Asim, Daniel Baron, Marcela Gonzalez, Ruitao Guan, Malinee Kulkarumpusi, Liana Lessa, Qinyu Li, Natchayar Porwangsawang, Aaron Roselo, Paulo Santos, Veronica Rivera, Livins Varghese and Ghazal Tabandeh.

Under the supervision of Prof. Mark Kwami. Read more for the entire event programme.


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