Treadle Pump

Problem to be solved: Eco-Friendly Architecture

Millions of refugees displaced by poverty, oppression, war and natural disaster. Most end up living
in canvas tents of a basic design that are hot in summer, cold in winter. On World Refugee Day
in June, the Ikea Foundation unveiled a new flat-pack refugee shelter with a modular design and
solar panel designed to help improve living conditions for refugees.


Treadle pumps free farmers from dependence on rain-fed irrigation, provide capacity to raise
crops in two growing seasons per year, and help farmers maximize return on their small plots
of land. Pump prices, including installation, range between US$20 and $100 based on country of
purchase and type of pump.

Designer: IDEOrg
Country: Bangladesh
Year: 1985

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Problem to be solved: Water Desalinating

Desolenator is the world’s first easy-to-use, low cost solar powered water desalination system.
It turns salt water and contaminated water into pure drinking water. Desolenator is robust,
energy independent and has no moving parts. During its lifetime Desolenator will desalinate
water at a lower cost per litre than any system at this scale available on the market today.


These small mobile units could provide 15 litres of pure water a day for up to a billion people
living in coastal and water stressed areas, using the power of the sun alone.

Designer: William Janssen
URL: Desolenator
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2015

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Problem to be solved: Water Production

As water shortage is a serious issue in many parts of the world, a means of efficiently harnessing
safe drinking water from thin air without the need of expensive infrastructure could be a real
lifesaver. Warka Water will sport a canopy that offers shade to people drawing the collected water.


Warka Water mainly uses local natural and biodegradable materials. The tower can be easily built
and maintained by the local communities using simple tools. With training and guidance, the
locals can easily build and maintain the Warka tower.

Designer: Warka Water, Inc.
URL: Warka Water
Country: Italy/Ethiopia
Year: 2015

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